Gcse pe coursework circuit training

Pe evaluation doing a circuit training is the best training method i did it worked specific muscle in different areas of my body (eg my arms worked on my triceps and biceps, my legs worked on my calves etc) i did do the exercises in the right order but since there was a lot of people i had to work in groups in order to use. In a training circuit the record sheet can be individualised and used by students to keep track of their progress over six sessions it includes a space to record heart rate before, during and after the session this resource could be a helpful addition to gcse pe coursework in students' preparation of a training programme. Circuit training personal programme extracts from this document introduction resistance training log book gcse pe profile name - mary regis gender - female age - 14 years old weight - 7 stone 11 pounds height - 5 foot 5 inches current exercise levels - dancing (jazz, ballet, character and pointe) three times a. This type of work includes a number of physical activities performed one after the other in the form of a circle or circuit there are two basic variations: fixed load and individual load both follow a similar pattern the order of events is important 1 fixed load – the individual attempts to perform each exercise continually over a. Gcse pe coursework - circuit training introduction i will be performing a circuit over the next several weeks my circuit will consist of 10 stations, which will last 30 seconds per station after each station i will rest for 30 seconds i will go round the circuit twice and will have a rest of 1 minute after one rotation of the circuit (i will. Our edexcel gcse in physical education helps students develop knowledge and practical skills in a range of physical activities, examining the effects of exercise and training to improve performance, and appreciating the benefits of promoting ' sport for all' key features of our edexcel gcse in physical education.

Gce physical education support material all activities in the 'outdoor and adventurous' activity profile circuit training coaching officiating further guidance on the assessment of activities which require log books can be found in section 23, 'unit assessment' log book cover sheets cover sheets have been revised to. Gcse pe this page is for year 10 and 11 students taking gcse pe here you will find information, worksheets and practice questions for the edexcel gcse syllabus, information on fitness training as the compulsory assessed practical unit , guidance for writing your personal exercise plan and analysis of performance and.

Course description in year 10 you will take part in some of the same sports which you learnt about in years 7, 8 and 9 and will also be able to take part in new activities such as dodge ball, power lifting, circuit training, aerobics and a range of other activities in year 11 you will follow fewer sports, but to a greater depth. Resistance training 98 circuit training 100 continuous training 102 exercise to music 104 guidelines for the assessment of martial arts 106 karate introduction the coursework guide covers both the gcse full course and the gcse short course in physical education it is designed to help teachers with the. Fitness via circuit training orienteering netball (after school) yr 12 activities 2011-2012 netball badminton fitness via circuit training life saving pupils may be assessed in a sport not listed above however prior permission must be sought from the pe department as an organiser pupil's will be assessed according.

In our gcse physical education specification (8582) students should be the aerobic training zone allows the aerobic system to be trained to define circuit training a series of exercise stations whereby periods of work are interspersed with periods of rest closed season post (transition) it is defined as: • period of. A gcse circuit training monitoring log foe gcse pe students completing circuit training sessions for their peps it includes a table for heart rates and a table for exercises. Circuit training man doing press-ups with his feet on a medicine ball this involves performing a series of exercises in a special order called a circuit each activity takes place at a 'station' each station involves a different exercise for a set number of repetitions, or a set time it can be designed to aerobic or anaerobic energy. Based on your fitness analysis you will then decide to use a range of training methods to improve your chosen weaknesses below are some of the training methods you should consider continuous fartlek circuit resistance interval plyometrics the methods you choose to use must relate to your specific targets explain.

Gcse pe coursework circuit training

Sec syllabus (2017): physical education 2 physical education sec 32 (not available in september) syllabus paper i: practical performance + coursework project +paper ii (2hrs) written introduction 1 this syllabus is designed: 11 to complement and strengthen the requirements of the 'national minimum curriculum.

  • Key stage 4 aerobics athletics badminton basketball circuit training cricket cross country dance football health related fitness our gcse pe specification is delivered through edexcel which is weighted at 60% theory, 30 % practical and 10% coursework our results with edexcel in 2017 were 79% a - c.
  • Physical education a level physical education exemplar candidate work with commentaries g452 and g454 november 2014 wwwocrorguk (d) safe and effective exercise – circuit training a well presented log book the candidate has made (coursework guidance booklet page 182) the goals of the exercise.
  • Physical education specification pearson edexcel level 1/level 2 gcse (9 - 1) in physical education (1pe0) first teaching from september 2016 circuit ○ interval ○ plyometrics ○ weight/resistance students should select and justify the use of appropriate principles of training, and smart targets, to set their goals.

While many pe teachers i have had conversations with have embraced the theory content of the new gcse pe specification, the biggest controversy seem to notice that i write sport rather than physical activity when referring to the new specification as activities such as circuit training, aerobics, saq and. Gcse pep page 4: components of health related exercise components of health related gcse pep page 6: physical activity readiness questionnaire ( parq) physical activity you should plan your circuit training session, then bring your plan to your practical lesson so that you can complete the session circuit training.

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Gcse pe coursework circuit training
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