Hillary clinton views in major issues

Hillary rodham clinton owns a singular resume: first lady, senator and secretary of state here is a look at where clinton stands on 12 key issues told cnn in 2014 she wants to see more studies and research, especially in states which have legalized marijuana, before forming her opinion on the. Hillary clinton on the issues on hillary clinton political pundits (oct 2016) it's big government to intervene on woman's right to choose (oct 2015) issues where jeb bush disagrees with hillary (dec 2014) (apr 2008) long-held moderate stance focuses on reducing abortions (mar 2008) consistently uses dem. If employment and jobs are of paramount importance, who is best equipped to fix the problem—hillary clinton or donald trump here, we outline the stances of both candidates so you can decide for yourself. Photo: donald trump and hillary clinton have some similar views (reuters) voters in the us are heading to the polls to decide who will be their next president: hillary clinton or donald trump when it comes to policy there for the middle class here are summaries of their positions on five major issues:. A glance at where hillary rodham clinton, a former secretary of state, stands on foreign policy, climate change, immigration and the economy and income inequality, that have been at the center of policy discussions since she left government here is a look at where she stands on some major issues.

In the 2016 election, democratic nominee hillary clinton seems to have switched at least one position after coming under pressure from progressive but in a 2014 interview with terry gross of npr's fresh air, she denied having changed her stance and suggested that gross was trying to twist her words. As donald trump and hillary clinton clash in the us election campaign, here is where they stand on some of the biggest political issues of the day but mrs clinton has taken a completely different approach, promising to offer migrants a pathway to citizenship and sharing liberal views on abortion and. On climate change, the views of the united states's two major political parties appear worlds apart “this issue has become more polarized,” gene karpinski, president of the league of conservation voters, an environmental advocacy group that has endorsed clinton as its presidential choice, said in a. I called jones this week to get his views on the lay of the land, and on what political challenges hillary clinton will face if she beats donald trump this fall and he told me he thinks she's going to face some very difficult problems indeed, with an energized left that will hold her to a different standard than they.

The abortion stance of clinton's running mate was a major issue for catholic voters. Opinion | clinton should agree to an independent exam and answer the questions raised clinton's eyes — a window into her health issues by dr john r hillary clinton exhibited abnormal eye movements during her recent speech in philadelphia and they were not photoshopped her eyes did not. Still, favorability ratings have hovered around 40 percent, with the aca facing several major problems since its enactment in 2014 health insurance companies have raised premiums (or are planning to in the coming years) after initially underpricing insurance plans under the aca in fact, premiums are.

Hillary clinton's 2016 economic plan focused on boosting middle-class incomes to create growth impact on you strengthen the dodd-frank wall street reform act to end the threat from too-big-to-fail banks levy a risk fee clinton to focus on economic issues, cbs news, june 13, 2013 clinton call. In choosing senator tim kaine of virginia as her running mate, hillary clinton has selected someone who shares her political philosophy and pragmatic approach to governing here are mr kaine's positions on some key issues, and how they align with mrs clinton's views.

Hillary clinton views in major issues

How hillary clinton and bernie sanders view the major issues of the 2016 democratic primary presidential campaign more info on bernie sanders: https:/ /bern.

  • Including her time as first lady of arkansas and of the nation, hillary clinton has spent 31 years in government life and wrestled with a large number of issues and policy ideas, but arguably at the expense of having a big-picture orientation, said mark peterson, a public policy professor at the university of.
  • This is an unbiased comparison of the policies and positions of donald trump and hillary clinton, candidates from the democratic and republican parties respectively in the 2016 election for president of the trump has changed his stance on abortion issues from calling himself very pro-choice to now being pro- life.
  • He has a core of symbolically important positions on such issues as immigration, but otherwise his views are murky much of what he says while no one would know what to expect from a trump presidency in major areas of policy, clinton has laid out plans in virtually every domain that plenitude of.

How hillary clinton and donald trump compare on women's issues some big differences emerge share sharetweetemail wikipedia commons / gage skidmore joe mccarthy by joe mccarthy july 19, 2016 as the nominating conventions approach, the positions of donald trump and hillary clinton. (cnn) the democratic party has changed since hillary clinton last ran for president, forcing the 2016 favorite to play catch up on a number of issues that are important to her party's liberal base but some of clinton's newly outlined views are different than ones she backed during her 2008 run, causing. But where do they stand on the issues hillary clinton supports a plan to make two-year community college free, but her higher education policies are more modest john f kennedy's foreign policy as president, compared to the current crop of democratic politicians, seems downright bellicose he was. Hillary clinton and donald trump offer a stark choice between two different visions of america based on their speeches and websites, here is a rundown of what we know about the candidates' policies on key issues it does not appear to include any major expansion of healthcare coverage.

hillary clinton views in major issues The 55% of young people who have a favorable view of bill clinton exceeds his image among older americans put more directly, while young americans are the least likely of all age groups to have a favorable view of hillary clinton, they are the most likely to have a favorable view of other major. hillary clinton views in major issues The 55% of young people who have a favorable view of bill clinton exceeds his image among older americans put more directly, while young americans are the least likely of all age groups to have a favorable view of hillary clinton, they are the most likely to have a favorable view of other major.
Hillary clinton views in major issues
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